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    Laptop Freezes During Driver Installation


      I have a Lenovo laptop which includes built-in Intel 4600 and an R5 M230 graphics card. I have been using my compute with Samsung HDD with no issue. Today I bought an SSD disk. I install Windows 10 and I have no issue until AMD driver installation. When I try to install AMD driver, at %50, the screen freezes, the mouse and the keyboard don't work, even the clock won't go further. Whether I install the driver via Windows Update or with the installer published on AMD website, doesn't matter. My screen freezes. If I restart, it freezes at Windows logo. I tried disabling AMD card from bios, and pc worked fine. To determine the cause of problem, I tried 3 different Windows 10 iso images. I tried the SSD drive on another laptop with Nvidia graphics card, and the drivers were successfully installed. What might be the cause of this problem?