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    Fps problems in Elder Scrolls Online


      Hello everyone!


      I decided to post this question here because I have no other alternative.

      I am aware that this is probably a problem with the game itself not with my graphics card. However Elder Scrolls Online customers support is 100% useless (yeah the legends are true).


      I bought my Radeon RX 470 GAMING 8 GB (MSI) about 2 months ago. Let me say right now I am more than happy with it. The graphics card is simply awesome. The fps boost is amazing compared to my olg GTX 560ti. However, in every game I gained an insane amount of fps, even with my old AMD Phenom II x4 840 3.2 Ghz (waiting for AMD Zen), however in Elder Scrolls Online I suffer from terrible performance. I actually have less fps than I had before. In hub cities i have around 25 fps, where before I had 30 to 35, in Wrothgar a dlc area, every time I teleport around the map (quick travel) I lose about 5 fps with each teleport, in trials (12 man raids) I start with 60 fps and end up with 15 to 20 fps, in some dlc dungeons every single time just before the third boss (in all 4 dlc dungeons) my fps goes from 60 to 25. Outside town I have mostly steady fps, around 60, but from time to time fps drops down to 10 for a few seconds and then goes back up to 60.


      I know that you guys will say that my CPU is probably bottlenecking, but that is not the case. The game is not using even 50% of my processor, and around 20 to 30% of my graphics card. Keep in mind that I've tested games such as The Witcher 3, where I have 50 to 60 fps outside of big towns and 35 to 40 in big towns, on high settings. The Technomancer has solid fps on highest settings, ranging from 40 to 60, I've tried online games like Guild Wars 2, Rift, different mobas, Online shooters like Warface and Ghost in the shell, all of them are working perfectly.


      The game was installed on a fresh copy of windows 7, fresh crimson drivers, I've even tried reinstalling the drivers, I've sent dxdiag, tracert, and every other report on my pc and internet to the customers service, everything checked out fine, I've tried disabling all non windows programs on startup. I've tried all tweeks I found on the internet. I am playing with high textures, medium shadows, low reflections, range of view on 50, particles on lowest (same settings I had on my GTX 560ti). I started tinkering with the game settings and I brought them down to the lowest possible. Same fps (maybe 5 fps more in trials), to the highest, again same fps. I've tried both 32 bit and 64 bit clients. I've opened all ports on my router. I've have tried so many things by now I don't even remember them all. Once I logged in and I had 40 fps in hub cities which was amazing, I logged out and came back after 20 minutes my fps went back to 25 t 28. My temperatures are normal. Graphics card is never above 60, and my processor never above 50.

      I really don't know what else to do.

      If anyone can help me or at least point out a problem or give a suggestion I would be extremely grateful.


      My rig is:

      AMD Phenom II X4 840 3.2 Ghz

      10 Gb DDR 3 RAM

      RX 470 8 GB Vram

      MSI 870A-G54 Motherboard

      Raidmax Scorpio 750w


      PS: A guild mate has the same problem with a 10 times stronger pc than mine. Here is his rig:

      i7 6700k

      R9 295 Hydra

      24 Gb DDR4 RAM

      Asus z170 pro gaming

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          CPU Bottlenecking, it would explain why in heavy areas performance tanks as more calculations are required from the CPU. Another indicator of this would be less than 99% GPU usage, you can use MSI Afterburner to monitor GPU usage while you game.


          The reason you did not see this was your previous GPU was a lot slower and therefore, the GPU was not able to generate more FPS than your CPU could.


          Just because your CPU usage is only 50% or thereabouts does not mean you are not seeing a CPU limitation. The game is likely only using 1/2 CPU cores at most, so you would never see 100% usage from this application.


          You'll need a faster CPU in the end for better performance.

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              Hi. Thanks for taking the time to answer.


              I was using MSI Afterburner the entire time to check the usage.

              The game is using all 4 cores, but all of them have low usage. It is possible that I have bottlenecking problems, but why don't I have them in other single player and online games? The only game I had problems with bottlenecking was Dragon Age Inquisition, but after downgrading the graphics from ultra to high the game worked great. Then why ESO has the same fps on lowest graphics, on medium, high and ultra for me? And also this guy has a wicked rig and he still has the same problems with the game like I do? And I know for a fact that he did everything to fix it like I did. The game has terrible coding, that's a known fact.

              One more thing. Once I forced my CPU to work at 100%. The game launched at 90% CPU usage, with awesome fps and then after 5 to 7 minutes CPU usage dipped back to 45% even though it shouldn't be able to downclock.

              As I said. I'm not saying that my CPU isn't the problem, all I'm saying is i'm not sure if it is, because I have no problem with other MMOs (and singleplayer games).

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                  Probably the way the game was designed. it's a DX9 title right? I had a Q9550 @3Ghz with a HD7700 and it bottlenecked that GPU in some older games and that is a lot slower than the RX 460.

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                      The game was switchable to dx9 by tweaking some settings in the .ini file,but it is a dx11 title with plans for upgrade to dx12. And it for over a year now the game completely removed dx9 support and it switched to x64 bit client (x32 bit is still optional).

                      Many ppl are complaining even with i5 and i7 processors. While some, like my brother, run the game perfectly on my settings, on an laptop with an i3 processor with 4 gigs of ram and a 920mx graphics card.

                      I even disabled the cores 1 by 1, there was no performance impact until I left only 1 core active for the game. Some guy on ESO forums did the same with his fx8350 processor, because he had the same problems like me, and like me his performance was only affected when he had 1 core active.

                      This seems to be really random.

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                  You can try to overclock the CPU, but not being Black Edition, you will need to necessarily go with the system bus, holding the RAM in the specification, so you will need to tailor it to the own multiplier down.

                  Search for a Web guide to overclock the K10.

                  I can also recommend a registry tweak to see if the situation improves.

                  Your CPU, has no L3 cache, so (if you trust), recommend the tweak to Athlon (II) K10 .

                  If, however, you managed to unlock it and it is working, you can try that for Phenom (II) .

                  Anyway, see the readme file, first...

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                      Hi! Thanks for your suggestion.


                      I am not very good with overclocking, I never even tried it, so I would rather not attempt it. My motherboard has OC Genie, not sure if that is good for anything?

                      As for the L3 cache. I've already tried a different method of unlocking it, through the BIOS, and it didn't work. On the internet I've seen only one post claiming that the phenom II x4 840 has unlockable L3 cache, and dozens of others claiming it doesn't.

                      I checked out this guys read me file and frankly I don't trust this to work. I'd rather not damage my CPU so close to the release of AMD Zen. If it got damaged I would be forced to buy some random processor and waste my money on it instead on Zen.