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    lightroom 6 (and ps camera raw) crash


      Since I have Lightroom 6, my PC crashes (blue screen) often. Its seems that AMD still don't have a cure for this.

      My system is:

      Windows 7 Ultimate, service pack 1, 64 bits

      GPU AMD Radeon HD7700 with the latest driver

      Processor Intel i7 3820 CPU@3.6 GHz

      16 GB RAM

      MoBo Asus P9X79 Pro

      I'm sick with this situation.

      Any possible fix or just I need to change my GPU?

        • Re: lightroom 6 (and ps camera raw) crash

          Since installing radeon RX40 Lightroom crashes constantly the message was Unhandled Win 32 exception occurred in Lightroom.exe [7624] then later [6188]. A few days ago I updated the drivers and Lightroom worked fine. But now it is back to where it was with a new message Adobe Lightroom 64-bit has stopped working"

          What can I do?