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Rx460 Low fps and stuttering/choppy gameplay

Question asked by metallicats on Nov 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by metallicats

  I’m hoping someone can help with the current issue I am having with a newly purchased XFX Rx460 4GB. I purchased the card to replace an HD4850 in an older PC. Unfortunately after installing the Rx460 I was greeted with lower frame rates than with the HD4850 and stuttering. I know the PC is old but I’m not trying to play anything really demanding  and my CPU meets at least the minimal requirements for all the games that I intend to play.


CPU – Core 2 Extreme Quad Core 2.66

Ram – 4GB

Windows 10 64bit

460W PSU


Below are some examples of games that ran better with the HD4850 installed:


  • Dirt 3 / low settings  – HD4850 (50+ fps, smooth)  Rx460 (35 – 40 fps, Stuttering when below 40fps)
  • Rocket League / low settings – HD4850 (50+ fps, smooth) Rx460 (60fps then drops to 25fps when near other cars, Stuttering at all times)

My Setup is within the recommended system requirements for both of the above games and CPU load never goes above 50%


  I’ve already tried re-seating the card, re-installing all drivers and made sure that the card is not overheating and the CPU is not maxing out. I noticed when running the benchmark in Dirt 3 the fps are at 60 (with v-sync on) right up until all the cars show up on screen, then the fps will drop and GPU usage starts to fluctuate between 0% and a 100% (using HwMonitor).


Sorry for the long winded post…