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    RX480 RED Screen of Death


      Hi there,



      - Asus Sabertooth P67;

      - I7 2600K;

      - 12GB G.Skill Ripjaw 2133 at 2133mhz;

      - Corsair AX750 (80+ gold);

      - Asus Strix RX480 (with latest Asus 1.02 Vbios installed);



      This RX480 has only given me troubles since day one I upgraded from my old GTX570 that for 6 years I havent got a single problem...




      Now lately I cant play Battlefield 1, the PC freeze after just a bit and then a bit later the screen is all RED and a bit further the PC restart...



      Is it really a defective GPU or might be other problem?


      Anyway as soon as I get time I will RMA this GPU and see if the store can still upgrade me to a GTX1070, but its already too late. If the second RX480 I get is like this one, I wont ever buy a single product with "AMD" written on it.



      ps: I'm beyond pissed since I never got a single problem with my GTX570 for 6 years and didnt ever go to Nvidia forum, but since day one I upgraded to AMD almost every game crashes\freezes, get more cpu stuttering that I never had with my I7, grass on games look out of detail and grainy\dotty (made a report like 3 weeks ago or more and got no AMD answer either)...

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          Why oh why did you switch from the Green company to AMD?? I'm switching to Green very soon because I've had enough with AMD. Most gamers use Green cards. I know they can have their problems too but nothing on the scale that AMD has.

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              Yeah well, I had enough with ATI back in 2006 when I bought the worse GPU ever the X1800 GTO which was almost 300 eur and performed like crap and some games I couldnt play, while I switched with my brother's 150 eur Nvidia and even worked better for half the price back then.


              But I thought for now that AMD would be better and I thought I could save money with the RX 480 which in theory on the specs it self is closer to the 1070 than to the 1060, however yeah, in the real world even 1060 seems to be simply better .



              ps: One of the best GPU's I ever had since the 90's was definitely the ATI 9600 XT and my current GTX 570 (I say current, because I just removed RX480 from my PC and I'm taking it to the store, it only gave me headaches since day one and all sorts of problems).


              EDIT: I just sent to RMA my GPU, no idea if they will give me a new one...