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    Presentation of myself and my Team




      I'm a student in Architecture in France, at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Bretagne, in Rennes. I'm also BIM Manager and VR Coordinator for the association Team Solar Bretagne (teamsolarbretagne.fr).


      Let me introduce my team,


      Team JIA+ is the French Team which will participate to the famous

      international competition Solar Decathlon China 2017. It's a kind of Olympic

      games for Sustainable Housing construction. It involves 22 teams from

      famous universities worldwide and each one will built a real sustainable

      house of 120 square meter, in the most affordable, sustainable and

      attractive way possible. Those 22 houses built will be presented during 3

      months of exhibition. It is expected more than two million visitors at this

      event: governments, industries and individuals.


      The Team JIA+'s project is a very ambitious smart house with a remote

      control for all the equipment (ventilation, energy, domotic, …). We also work

      on a 3D visit of the project thanks to the Virtual Reality. All those device will

      need hardware to work.


      The organization comity expects more than 500 media coverage from all

      over the world.

      Our team is already famous in France. We are already supported by the

      French government, our locals governments, and international companies as

      Velux, Autodesk,... Also, the organization comity claims we are in the top-5

      favorite teams.


      We work with the BIM Technologies which is the most advanced

      technologies in conception and representation of buildings. Our purpose in

      this competition is to show what will be the tomorrow's building industry. A

      lot of professionals will come to see new ways of conceptions in order to

      apply it to their companies.


      And the event, there will be engineering companies, architect companies, governmental

      institutions, and every other companies linked to the construction. Indeed, in

      the next few years, because of the BIM software revolution and new

      technologies, the construction industry will deeply change. This new

      technologies will require very performant hardware that AMD can


      We are already supported by many companies in the building industry, and also in the technical field, like Rennes Atalante Technopôle, B.Com, Inria, Velux, Eco-origin, Egis, ERDF,

      Enedis, Eveno,...


      I’m in forum to make my project known, and I don’t find any form on AMD site for a sponsorship, so, if anyone can help me, I’ll be glad !