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Black/green/purple screen and loop of the last noise.

Question asked by horeat on Nov 13, 2016

Hey guys i really hope someone here can help me, i have searched about this problem for weeks, and i didn't get a answer. Thousands of people are complaining about this, but no one can fix it.

So i built this PC like 4 mounths ago:


MOBO:970 Gaming MSI
CPU:AMD FX-8350GPU: XFX R9 380 4Gb

RAM:G.Skill 2x4Gb 1600MHz

PSU: Corsair VS550

HDD:2,5 HGST 500Gb ( i have been using this from an old Laptop i had)

OS:Windows 10 Home

Since i built this PC sometimes, randomly while i'm playing League of Legends my screen turns BLACK or GREEN or even PURPLE and it repeats in a looping the last 2 seconds of the music that i was hearing for 6 seconds.

99% of the times this "crash" happens in League of Legends, i have been playing for 3 mounths these games, The Crew , Battlefield3, CS:GO, Overwatch, and it didn't happend nothing.

But when i play League of Legends it randomly turn my screen black, green or purple and i can't do nothing but reboot the computer manualy.


For 4 mounths it only happend on League of Legends but now it started crashing while i was playing overwatch and while i was browsing.

I really can't figure it out what is the problem .

When this happens my PC still run, i mean all the fans still running, GPU fans still running same with the CPU fan, MOBO LED's still ON.

And yes i have all drivers updated