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Driver installation for R9 390 freezes/crashes

Question asked by mwg on Nov 13, 2016

Graphics card: R9 390

Driver version: Well, that's the problem

Machine type: desktop

Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK version 1.2 (with integrated Intel 4000 (?) graphics card)

CPU: I7-4790K


OS: Windows 10, 64-bit, anniversary update installed

Power supply: Corsair CX750M (750 watts)

Monitor on R9 390 display: HP w2207


I had this running for about a year, starting out a Windows 8 and then rolling the dice and upgrading to Windows 10. At this time I only had minor issues (i.e., the graphics card would not respond if the monitor went to sleep unless I unplugged and replugged in the monitor).


Starting with the Windows 10 anniversary update, I had some serious crashes. After I stabilized the system, I was having problems with some games (could not get Doom to start, although apparently there are other causes for that), and realizing that I had a pretty old version of the drivers installed and I decided to upgrade them.


Big mistake. I was not been able to get them installed despite repeated attempts.


At this point I have done a fresh install of Windows 10, albeit with media created with their media creation tools (so that I believe the version of Windows installed is after the anniversary update). I have installed the Windows .Net framework and run Windows update until it finished. I can boot into safe mode, run the AMD removal tool, the DDU tool, reboot, turn off Windows Defender active protection, run the latest update as administrator and get the whole system to freeze reliably. I also physically reseated the card.


With the 16.11.3 Hotfix edition, the R9 390 display goes black and the integrated Intel display freezes up pretty reliably at 19% (where I have left it on the off chance that it finishes). With the 16.9.2 AMD Minimal Setup version, it crashes completely and reboots (BSOD kind of thing) when it's installing the driver.


Any suggestions?