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    RX480 Black Screen When Gaming, But Sound Still plays


      Hi, so I've recently been experiencing black screens a few minutes after I am in games, but I can still hear the sounds playing, and my friends talking, in fact my mic even still works. This happens to every game I play, but I can still browse the internet casually without this problem. If you are wondering about temps then here they are. (note this is a reference board RX480)



      Idle = 36c

      Load = 55c


      Idle = 50c

      Load: 65c -70c


      System Specs:

      CPU: Intel Core i5 6600k

      GPU: Powercolor RX480 Reference

      RAM: 8gb Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4

      PSU: Corsair CX

      MOBO: ASUS Z170;A