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No option to install display driver after uninstall, need help

Question asked by siramikvarse on Nov 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2016 by siramikvarse

Ok I just signed up because I'm completely out of options...


So here's a quick run down of my problem, I want to play fallout 4 with my R9 380 gpu, since it crashes all the time (display driver reset) I have spent weeks trying this that and the other to get it to just not crash 2 mins after loading a game. Right now my best lead seems to be rolling back all the way to 15.11.1 beta. It has worked for many people with the same issue so now I'm trying it.


Only problem is after uninstalling my drivers fully now I'm installing the old ones it gives me 2 options inside custom install, they are HDMI driver and AMD catalyst install manager... nothing else, if I go ahead with this and try to open the device manager it closes/crashes telling me that there's no display driver so it has to crash/close.


This is maddening, how do I get it to realize I need to install the whole package, why isn't it doing so automatically? Windows 7 and MSI afterburner both think I don't even have a gpu at all, the driver type I'm trying to install is a little old but I have the same issue with the newest ones too.


I wish I could get the money I spent on this card back so I could buy a different one, I don't have anywhere near the budget to spend on another card for another year, please help me fix my problem, the depression of seeing no progress for weeks only to end up taking a huge step back and getting stuck with no drivers whatsoever kinda sucks a whole lot. :-(


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