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I think my brand new r9 M385 is throttling

Question asked by azinfoo on Nov 12, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by amdmatt

kinda long so tl;dr:

awful gaming performance, made sure Crimson is using my dedicated gpu, I can hear the fan running, updated my drivers/windows, no programs running in the background, brand new laptop so I don't think it can be malware or a software issue.


Bought a new Lenovo Y700 with an AMD fx 8800 and r9 M385X. The laptop also comes with  AMD Radeon R7 graphics for applications that don't need to use the dedicated card. I'm getting really poor performance on games (~40 fps on low graphics on World of Warcraft, 20 fps on low setting on Overwatch). I made sure my Crimson software was utilizing the high-performance, dedicated gpu for these games. I downloaded TechPowerUp GPU-Z to monitor the clock speed and I'm getting about 100 MHz. I'm not sure why the card would be throttling this much after only being active for 2 minutes. Unfortunately the software I used can't read the card's temperature but I can hear the fan accelerating. I updated windows and drivers. There are no programs running in the background, and this is a brand new laptop so I think it's extremely unlikely that this is a software/malware issue. I heard this laptop had throttling issues, but as I understand, these usually only occur under super high loads. As far as I could tell in my research, these games should not be putting this much strain on the cpu/gpu. Any comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this is very confusing and frustrating.