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Driver Installation Windows 10

Question asked by jcmallery on Nov 12, 2016
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I am having the most aggravating time with the AMD driver.


I tried to update from 16.9.2 to 16.11.3, and to hopefully enable switchable graphics for the first time ever, but Windows froze on install...and on restart, I found it also broke the previous AMD driver. After some research, I used the DDU removal tool- which also removed the device from device manager, I noticed, but it still showed up when I ran Everest. I then tried to re-install 16.9.2- but it froze on install. I tried a much earlier driver (from March 2015, I think) it installed, but I found out its useless for my purposes. Bear in mind, these are only the highlights- there were several other failed attempts in between (I've used both the recommended driver from the site and the one suggested by the autodetectutility).


At wits end, I "reset" Windows (because the most important aspect of the computer is game playing, which I can't do without the AMD card). The only other things I did were uninstall some of the Windows brand bloatware and update the Intel card driver. But when I tried to install the AMD driver, can you guess what happened? It froze on install.


The internet is full of suggestions for remedying this problem- but since they are all convoluted 20 step processes built solidly on the word "if", my understanding is that no one actually knows how to get the AMD driver to install properly if there is a problem- they just monkey with things until something works.


As for computer specs- Its an Inspiron 15r SE 7520. It has an i7-3632QM cpu, 8GB of RAM, and the AMD card is a Radeon HD 7730m. Before the re-install, I had Windows 10 x64 (fully updated, whatever that means these days) and both the BIOS and the integrated Intel card were up to date. Following some advice on several forums, I had also uninstalled my antivirus.


Now the computer is fully updated (via Windows update), the AMD card is showing up in device manager, and there are no other programs installed.


So the question is: How do I get the AMD driver to actually install and operate properly? Can anyone offer a clear path here?