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R9 280x 2 Monitors, 1 TV

Question asked by quentinfk on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by quentinfk

Hello All,

So I have two monitors connected to my R9 280x via the two DVI ports on the GPU. I just recently set up my TV close to my computer, and I wanted to connect it via HDMI to the GPU and have all three be monitors. When I connect all three at the same time I can only ever have two active, and one inactive. I try going through W7's "screen resolution" section but it says that it's unable to save display settings. When I go through Radeon settings and try using Eyefinity it only lets me set up a 2 monitors system.

My intention is two basically extend the desktop to all three monitors (granted the TV is actually above the monitors, but in the screen resolution window it lets me rearrange them in a 2D space).

Is there something I can do beyond buying a second GPU to achieve this?



Thank you for any help