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Freesync brightness pulsing, over a year later no fix.  up to 16.11.3

Question asked by rbrucemtl on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2016 by qwixt

Sure Freesync can make games smoother and it gets rid of tearing but add a constant brightness pulsing to almost all games some games much worse then others but very few actually have a solid image making it super annoying and distracting it's been over a year and no fix from AMD.   I'm more surprised that more people are not speaking out about this and I know others here have the issue.  I have seen this issue on monitors on display at various stores so it's out there.  I'm not talking about flickering from bad cables or blanking screens on and off... This is a subtle but super annoying pulsing in pause menus, loading screen and it's very noticeable in GUI's rendered in 3D.  Clock blocker seems to help for some games and not others.   If AMD can't do anything about this why not make freesync a per game profile setting so I can disable/enable it automatically for most of the games that flicker and use it only for the few games that don't.


Anyone else see this or bothered by it?