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AMD driver update limits 2160p@30Hz

Question asked by secu2 on Nov 12, 2016


4k@60Hz is not working anymore on my graphics card on any AMD driver update > 16.8.3

Downgrading the driver to this version temporaly fixes the problem.


Here is my configuration :

AMD Drivers 16.10.3 (from 2 days ago)

R9 290x Vapor-X OC 8G

LG 43UH610V (Europe)

Win 10 – v1607

Club3D DP to HDMI 2.x adapter


Here is what I tried to fix the issue :

– Every HDMI Port

– Changing every color option I can find on the TV (Including extended color mode)

– Creating a custom res in AMD Settings (Clicking on “verify” resets it to 30Hz)


My card is 2 years old, theres no reason for it to become obselete that early ! I was disapointed enough you put HDMI 1.4 only on my card... (And even more recent ones)


Please provide a fix on the next driver release.