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    This is a test post


      Just trying to see if I can post here, since I cannot on the Drivers forum.  Okay, I CAN post here.  But when I try to post to Drivers and Software:


      Your content could not be saved due to an error.  You may have been logged out.  If this problem persists... yadda yadda yadda


      I've tried 2 different computers, and 2 different browsers - IE11 and Firefox.  Same message every time on every PC and every browser.  I've tried sending it without any images.  Same message.  I responded to a survey the other day and indicated the problems.  No response from that.  I went into a help screen and sent an email to you folks the other day.  No response there either.  I DO see that me content has been auto saved, but it never posts.


      Frankly, between the problems I'm experiencing with my AMD drivers and the AMD forum itself, I feel extremely sorry that we have a computer using AMD products at all.

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          That error also appears if you have what the forum determines to be an offensive word in your post, which may or may not actually be offensive. Does it happen even if you just try a test post in there?

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            Are you serious, you feel used and abused by AMD because you had a glitch trying to post something. WOW, talk about dumb reasoning. I hope you get it sorted out because the Community here is Great!!! The people on here that like to help only ask for one thing most of the time, SYSTEM specs, so they can give better help but it's like pulling teeth, and if any person(s) had a good reason to stop using amd it would be these people, but alas....they are still here trudging through the mire of little or no info in the hopes to help AMD users.


            If people want to use green then do it for the right reasons, not because you had a vocabulary error trying to post something. Geesh


            Cheers, Ambrose

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              That error message appears als when you are automatically logged out on the forum. You can see it for yourself refresh by pressing F5 and you will see that you are not logged in I have that sometimes. But normally the next time that you log in and go to the topic, you can recover what you have typed.

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                  Funny think, though.  Every single time I got that message I'd hover the mouse over the icon in the upper right of the page and it would display my name and the little arrow to the right of that icon would give me the option to log out.  So that ain't it.


                  And somebody else had questioned whether I'd used any objectionable language in my post.  I never changed the content of my post in the probably dozen times I attempted to submit it other than to omit any images.  The content that finally posted was identical to that of my first failure.  So that ain't it either.