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    RX 480 8GB  - 100% activity while IDLE


      Hello guys , so i have got this: 2 or 3 weeks ago i bought this card and everything was fine until 2 days ago.

      RX 480 starts weird things:

      like this :


      previously drivers was 16.11.1 (when video card was plugged) and this weird thing begins after update to 16.11.2 and hot fix 16.11.3 doesn't help, even roll back to 16.11.1 doesn't help. and playing with sleep/hibernation modes do not help, no bitcoin and things like this, all processes are fine.

      So now i realy regret about this purchase better to pay 30 bucks more and buy 1060, because i tired to play with services, drivers and other things just because it's a raw product.

      so here is my pc specs http://prntscr.com/d60lw8 .

      and i hope tech support do something with this problem because í´m not alone:


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      thank you.