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    Crimson 16.11.3 0n BF1


      Has anyone played BF1 multiplayer gameplay on 16.11.2 or latest 16.11.3?

      Is crossfire profile enabled on DX12?

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          Hey chin,


          Negative Crossfire scaling is still seen in DX11 regardless of driver iteration and DX12 no longer utilizes driver based Crossfire profiles as in DX11, thus Dice must enable DX12 M-GPU (Multiple Graphics Processing Units) themselves, which is DX12 the method of utilizing multiple GPU's in Microsoft's new graphics API. So, currently the negative scaling in DX11 must be resolved by AMD, as well as Dice, but DX12 must be solved by Dice and Dice alone, AMD has no control over DX12 M-GPU and it can only be enabled via the developer themselves.




          DX11 = Negative Scaling in Crossfire

          DX12 = DX12 M-GPU hasn't been enabled by Dice as of yet.


          I hope this answers your question and have a nice day. 

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