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    Drivers fail to start on startup + random crashes/freezes etc.


      Hi. I have a problem. I have bought MSI Radeon RX 480 GAMING X 8G and it is working poorly. I have to do work and this have ruined my work many times and generally it is very annoying.


      I had GeForce 660ti and it was working perfectly. Upgraded to Radeon and this started happening:


      1. Drivers fail to start on boot. When this happens my second monitor does not function and when opening AMD Radeon settings it says that no driver installed or working not correctly. After a few times restarting pc again it works.

      2. Random BSOD's, black screens, drivers stopped working when I'm working with my 3d software.

      3. Sometimes pc doesn't even start and keeps reseting after a few seconds.


      Things I've done:


      1. Rebuilt my pc peace by peace, cleaned and checked everything

      2. Reinstalled drivers

      3. Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers

      4. Format C: and reinstalled windows

      5. Reinstalled drivers, uninstalled, reinstalled earlier version, uninstalled, reinstalled mini version

      6. Reinstalled windows again and drivers

      7. Banged my head against the wall


      Nothing worked.


      Any chance I can record a some kind of log when this happens to identify the problem? What can I do? Its really annoying and it is ruining my work.


      System info:

      Monitor 1: 4k

      Monitor 2: 1440x900