The Best AMD Chipsets for Sound Blaster Live! 5.1

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I have been got in touch with AMD products since 1999, that year I was a junior middle school student. AMD K6-2 is very my first toy to step into the world of AMD. I have experienced lots of chipsets on the platform of AMD, they are from VIA, from Ali/Uli, from SiS, from NVidia, from ATI, and eventually from AMD. They are like my friends accompanying with me, they are getting phrase-out, and I am getting old. Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 is an excellent toy, I love its shape and its sound quality. I tried on many and many different platforms, not only AMD, but also Intel and VIA C3. It requires the chipsets too a lot, so many ones could not make work stable, and degrade its sound quality. Today I just got a try, try it on the chipset of AMD A75, which uses an AMD A4-3300 processor to support. I could never believe it sounds, it sounds as it should. It just like all my passed days come back to me again. Excellent! Now modern mobo has removed the support of PCI, which in other words, have chances to enjoy it is very treasurable. From another aspect, I could see the AMD chipsets become more and more mature than before. I love computer, I love Intel, I love AMD, I love all the heroes yesterday to today, so I just wish AMD should go its own way, never follow others. That might be the key to succeed in its own field.


Official kX Project Site -- News


One can download the kX driver from the above link for Windows XP through 10. I won't make sure it could work!



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