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    This app can't run on your PC + A few questions


      Hello, I have a couple of questions and a problem that I wanna try to solve here.

      I have a Lenovo Ideapad 500 core i5

      Running Windows 10 64 bit

      Got an integerated graphic card Intel HD 520 and a dedicated AMD Radeon R7 360M


      Now to my questions:

      1- How to make sure that my dedicated graphic card is running while gaming and not the Intel graphic.


      And I have a tiny little problem in here.

      Whenever I try to update my graphic driver from the Radeon menu (16.0.1), the download starts normally without any problems, but when it finishes, the install doesn't start.

      So I navigate to the graphic driver download location and try to install it manually, but it tells me "This app can't run on your PC"

      I don't understand, I've updated the graphic card many times before, but when I try to download the 16.11.3, I get that error. Anyone knows the reason?


      Also I get the same error when I try to install AMD Catalyst, I'm kind of frustrated since I got no idea what was the cause of that problem.

      I'd love to hear from you, guys.