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    clGetDeviceInfo(...CL_DEVICE_MAX_CLOCK_FREQUENCY...) returns incorrect value


      After reducing maximum frequency for my RX480 from 1266 to 1200 via AMD WattMan (being fighting with GPU malfunction caused by overheating described in my previous topic) now clGetDeviceInfo(...CL_DEVICE_MAX_CLOCK_FREQUENCY...) returns 2000Mhz. Obviously it's memory frequency not GPU core one.


      Moreover, it's quite annoying that frequency resets back to 1266 each reboot if GPU was detached from desktop. I've two video cards in my system -- GTX960 & RX480. GTX960 attached to main monitor, RX480 being used only for OpenCL computations. So, RX480 settings via AMD Radeons settings are not accessible unless desktop is extended to RX480 in Windows settings (I've Windows 7 x64, latest updates). And to extend desktop you're need to physically attach monitor (or dummy plug?) to RX480. Which is obviously annoying (is it Windows limitation or AMD software ones?). Anyway, with attached monitor and extended desktop, once RX480 detached from desktop and reboots -- all settings resets.