WINDOWS 10 Generic pnp Monitor Driver failure & AMD Radeon 8400

Discussion created by joankl on Nov 10, 2016
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This may be linked to some other thread somewhere on this site.  But I'm on Day 12 of this problem and desperate for an answer.  I have an HP Pavilion Touchscreen laptop 14-f040ca, with AMD HD Radeon 8400 graphics.  Everything was fine after I upgraded to Windows 10 in May 2016 (previously ran from Sep 2013 on Windows 8, 8.1).  On October 30, 2016, a Windows 10 update ran and my screen went black.  Was able to do hard reset, reboot BUT then freezes after slow reboot and desktop icons appear.  Safe mode shows problem is GENERIC pnp MONITOR DRIVER FAILURE.  HP technical support (yes I'm paying for their help) doesn't seem to know what to do, they installed the Crimson 'fix' that they saw on AMD site.  That didn't work.  They reset my computer to point BEFORE the event on October 30, i.e. just before the Windows update and computer worked FINE for several hours until WINDOWS 10 did another update.  And now I'm back to same problem.


Assume there is some link with AMD Radeon and Windows 10, based on what I've read online.  WHAT SHOULD I, the customer, advise HP TO DO....i.e. an updated AMD driver potentially to install that I can tell them about.  I'm on my 4th day with them, technical support, and seems like any advice I can give THEM might help to get this problem resolved.


Joan (retired, not used to using such forums, but hope someone can help....I'm desperate for an answer).