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RAID installation

Question asked by frankabraun on Nov 10, 2016

Hello; I have got an ASRock 970 Pro 3 R2.0 mainboard with an AMD FX-6300 CPU and 16 GB ROM. I have installed os (win 10/64bit) and apps on a SSD drive. There are two pairs of identical harddrives in the pc as well (2*500 GB and 2*200 GB'). BIOS and drivers are all up to date. I would like to set up a RAID array for these pairs to save my data on them. Unfortunately, the description in the manual is not a help - following the steps described there end in failing in 100% of trials. I have trieb both with the SSD connected and disconnected. Don't know, how many times I did re-boot and re-start and re.-configure. No idea, how much time I spent downloading drivers and tools which did not help. So hopefully someone has an idea how I can realize it....


Please :-)