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Win10 - Laggy bootup and random halts - Seems to be driver issue

Question asked by carrata on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2016 by patricklibuda

Hi - And sorry if this is something that someone has noticed already before and it is discussed elsewhere.


About a week ago a customer came in with a Pavilion computer which had multiple issues. Boot-up took several minutes while the loading circle (those small dots) kept rotating very slowly or not at all and welcome screen took about 30 seconds to come up after the loading screen. When I finally managed to login, the mouse movement was very jerky and System resources went above 80% of CPU with no reason at all (There were no visible reason on process monitor). I thought that it must be the HDD issue and swapped new HDD in and reinstalled Windows 10, but shortly after the installation were finished, the problem came back.


Sadly, I made a bad judgment for that machine and pronounced that laptop dead. Now I am pretty sure that it was a bad call... That pavilion had Radeon card.


Yesterday an Acer V5-122P laptop came in... Exactly the same symptoms. I realized that this is not an hardware issue at all and made some debugging. First I checked all the drivers and bios that everything was updated as they should be. During that check up, I noticed that there is a short (60-120 seconds) freeze every time when I tried to open something which engages gpu acceleration somehow (Display settings, Internet Explorer or just waking up the computer from sleep).


I uninstalled AMD drivers that came from Windows Update and noticed that the problem went away immediately after uninstallation was completed. I didn't even had to restart. So I tried to install latest driver from AMD site (Crimson) and the problem came back instantly when the new display driver were installed (and the installer was still running and installing other components).


I had no time today to test older Radeon drivers but I am very sure that those do work only a while because the drivers will be updated automatically and the problematic drivers comes from Microsoft Windows Update server.


Is this really a driver issue or just too random problems that I have encountered?