Fractal Design ARC Mini R2 microATX Case Review

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Fractal Design ARC Mini R2 microATX Case Review

by AMD Red Team Plus member WarpFact0r10 | November 10, 2016



I’ll just start out stating I’ve never reviewed a product outside of leaving feedback for one on an etail site like Newegg or Amazon. AMD has graciously provided this chassis as part of a “welcome kit” for joining the Red Team Plus ranks. I’ve built many PCs in great chassis from Antec, Corsair, Cooler Master, and others. However, this will be my first using one from Fractal Design. I figure some of you out there might enjoy reading about my first impressions.



This case arrived with a little something extra- a frosted Red Team Plus logo etched on the window. I imagine it will look even better once there is a warm red glow behind it! It has mounts for both microATX and miniITX motherboards. Full ATX motherboards, however, need not apply.




The ARC Mini V2 has a very clean design, with a number of features not normally found in microATX cases: like front, top, and bottom dust filters- and removable drive cages to allow for a variety of larger liquid cooling radiators. You’ll notice the rubber-grommeted ports at the top-rear of the case, in the event you’re using an external liquid cooling solution.




You’ll notice there’s quite a bit of room in there for a microATX case-- even more when you consider you can remove all of the drive bays, allowing for longer GPUs or large radiators.




Wrangling cables is made easy in the ARC Mini V2. The photos above show the front and rear of the motherboard tray. I love that there are two SSD mounts on the rear of the tray, making for efficient use of space.




Easy-access to the dust filters makes cleaning them a breeze. Rinse, and let dry.




Here we have the vibration/sound-dampening parts. The top two show the foam gasket and pads where the power supply will be seated. Rubber feet at the base of the chassis and rubber grommets in hard drive bays should help minimize any racket that might disturb your Zen. Pun intended.




Ample space for drive expansion. But in all likelihood I’ll remove them all, in favor of improved airflow. I’m no space hog- the two SSD mounts will be more than enough for me. It is also an extreme rarity that I need to use an optical drive- when I must, I’ll use the one in my old laptop.




Three fans are supplied with the case. The two shown here are in the top-rear corner of the case. The other is located in the front just below the two 5.25” bays. Three additional fans can be placed in the bottom, top, and front panels. The photo on the right is the front panel on the top edge of the chassis. This has power led, microphone and headphone ports, power button, USB 3.0 ports, and fan controller switch.




Screws… lots of screws! Thumb screws for all three side panels, stand-offs, and some zip-ties for your cable-wrangling. Although I never seem to have enough of those.



I look forward to assembling this system shortly when the remainder of my components arrive. So if you enjoyed my first-ever review, swing by again to check out my build log.


I love feedback, so if you’d like to weigh in with suggestions/questions, let me know! Many thanks to AMD for sponsoring this review.



More information is available on the ARC Mini V2 at the Fractal Design product page here.


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