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    Radeon Settings Host Application Crashed Temp Fix and A Small Rant


      First off ill get the temp fix out of the way, i have manage to get my RX 460 to run perfectly fine at 640 x 360, Yes you read that correctly 640 x 360 at 800 MHZ yes you read that correctly too by messing around for multiple days in the Wattman application, Images. And yes if you copy that exactly you should be stable in Unigen Heaven benchmark at 640 x 360. Really feeling that 100 pound purchase coming though, oh my it ruffles my jimmy's.


      Now for the rant, Why the actual f*** are the community having to deal with a issue at the very core of your product, to the point where we cant actually use it? Why, Why was this not caught in QA?
      I'm not a Nvidia fanboy nor am I a AMD fanboy, but no matter which camp you come from hell if you game on IGPU's, this problem is down right disrespectful of your customers. So many people from 2015 on wards have submitted the same problem to the AMD bug report tool yet in late 2016 we are still encountering this issue, why?


      I know some people are going to say, have you tried updating Windows 10 to the latest version? Yup. TDRDelay set to 8 in your registry? You betcha.

      So please try the above fix see if it works for you, if it does have fun play some games, if it doesn't well i don't know what to say.