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    Is there ANY fix for the random black screen issue?


      In my case, I have an R9 380 card and since day 1 I have been getting black screens at random times.  This happens with ALL applications including word processing applications.  99% of the time I can carry on after a few seconds but some applications need to be restarted before I can continue (World of Warships and Discord, for example). Two of the most common errors associated with the black screen are:


      The Connected Devices Platform Service service terminated with the following error:

      Unspecified error

      Service Control Manager, event id 7023




      The server {37998346-3765-45B1-8C66-AA88CA6B20B8} did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

      DistributedCOM  event id 10010


      I have done all recommended self-diagnostic steps.  Memory and Windows installation have both been tested and are fine.  Driver has been removed using DDU and reinstalled.  The card itself has been installed into different slots on the motherboard.  To date there has been no resolution to this issue and I am growing frustrated.  The card's hardware appears to be fine.  As near as I can tell the issue is with the driver software.  I am nearing the point of selling the card to some poor sucker, buying a card from some other graphics company and NEVER BUYING AN AMD PRODUCT AGAIN.


      AMD, please give me a fix.  Something, anything.