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R9 290 will not update to Anniversary Update.

Question asked by castingflame on Nov 9, 2016

When I try installing the Anniversary Update it just keeps 'restoring to previous version' and will not update. If I remove the R9 290 and try again the update will go through. If I then install the R9 and boot, Windows gets stuck with 'frozen rotating dots' even if I leave it there for hours.



A fresh installation on a different SSD (disconnect other drive)  from an Anniversary Win10 boot DVD is much the same. Fails install with the card but ok without it.



I have tried safe mode, which is a bit hit and miss, but when I try to install Radeon drivers without the card installed (signed and non-signed i.e. Hotfix drivers) in safe made I get an error that is linked to the new driver signed enforcement model. I then disable safe boot in the BIOS but it still happens.



I am pretty sure I have installed the latest Radeon without the card installed in normal boot on the fresh installation but it then stops and the rotating dots like it did when I tried updating my existing installation then put the card back and booted.



I have looked at the logs in the event viewer on several occasions and cleaned the  files and tried again but there is nothing relevant to the Radeon card or drivers that I can see.




My System


i5 3570k not overclocked (atm)



Asus AMD Radeon R9 290 DirectCU II OC Graphics Card