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    AMDGPU-PRO Linux boot black blank screen issues


      On Ubuntu 16.04. with the latest Linux AMDGPU-Pro driver, the system won't boot. It will hang up while showing a black / blank screen or purple screen. The Fans will spin up, but the Keyboard and everything appears to be locked up. The only workaround that *somethimes* works is, to boot into recovery mode, then resume normal boot but without the nomodeset setting. This way it's possible to boot up using the driver sometimes, but most of the time it still just runs into the black screen on boot. I think this is a driver issue. The screen goes black right when the GPU should take over the display. Because there are so many people complaining about this, i add my experience to the board. Recovery mode may get the machine to boot up sometimes. But most of the time.. not. Because the driver itself also causes the machine to lock up or crash sometimes, this is makes the experience worse.

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          I still don't know a real solution to this. Most of the time it just does not work at all. This is not deterministic. Something goes wrong almost every time when the driver takes over and then i have no chance to see what's going on. It would be nice if some kind of error message shows up but the screen only goes black.


          Boot -> grub -> first Messages appear -> num lock key lit -> screen goes black, num lock key unlit, FAN spins up, nothing happens, keyboard unresponsive, only the Magic SysRq Reboot works.