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AMD User Support Group in Second Life

Question asked by uzpcustoms on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by uzpcustoms

           Hi, my name is Keiko Yuuki, For those who know of the Meta World called Second Life, you know that since the release of the RX series, gaming has been a bit of a pain.I am working without pay in solving this issue and was constantly finding myself helping Linden Lab Inc. with this project. Linden Lab Inc is the founding company of Second Life and the upcoming meta verse, Project Sansar.  As a Third Party Developer for Second Life Viewer, I have notice many issues that have not been fixed that is specific to AMD cards. The Director of Engineering and Development, Scott Lawrence (inworld name: Oz Linden) has confided in me to work on a few issues if possible to fix the Graphical Interfacing for AMD users, as Linden Lab only test with NVidia and will remain that way for Project Sansar.              

With 600,000 monthly Unique Users, this is a job I am willing to work on, and without compensation, but I will need a little bit of help from AMD. I can bring the Graphical Profile to the game,

  I am looking for a Sponsorship and possibly a Partnership as a few of the fixes must be on the AMD side.  I have already compiled the R9 390, R9 380  and R7 260X profiles, but am in need of the GPUs from the RX series to build and optimize the profiles and code for the Call System for Client to Graphic Recognition. I am hoping the Vega Series GPUs will run smoother than the mainstream cards do.  I am also requesting permission to use the AMD logo in a specialized group from within the game to provide support, news and updates to the hundreds of thousands of users that will benefit from this project. I was directed to post my Project here for viewing and the Support Request # is SR #{ticketno:[8200715080]


Thanks Everyone.