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R9 390 crossfire, eyefinity, MST hubs, and 6 monitors - still only driven off one card?

Question asked by brentdkelley on Nov 8, 2016

Previous implementations required all displays in an eyefinity + crossfire configuration to be driven from the primary card.  Does this limitation still hold for the R9 390 series?  I am currently running a single card with a MST hub to drive 6 monitors in 3x2 array.  I am getting EDID problems and monitors come up unrecognized at 640x480 instead of 1920x1080 thus the eyefinity configuration doesn't work.  This will change and scramble monitor ordering if the machine goes to sleep or is rebooted.  I would prefer to add a second card and drive the monitors without the MST hub, but would like to get the crossfire performance if I'm spending that kind of money.  Thoughts?