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    Constant driver crashing on Infinite Warfare


      I've been trying to play Infinite Warfare, however I've been experiencing frequent driver crashes at random moments while in game. I'm running an r9 290, I updated to 16.11.1 when the game came out and had crashes maybe every 30 minutes or so, then I updated to 16.11.2 and I couldn't even get into a menu without the game crashing, it was so frequent I could barely get into my settings. I rolled back to 16.10.2 to see if that would help, and it did, but I still get crashes every so often. The game will either crash and I'll get a Windows error saying DirectX crashed, or my screens will flicker and artifact, and I'll get an error saying the Radeon drivers crashed, and will have to reboot to fix it. I've discovered that running on the lowest graphics settings possible has made it seemingly stable, I haven't encountered a crash since, but I would like to play with my settings turned up. I'm assuming this is something I just have to wait for a driver update to fix, but I figured I would post here and see if there are any possible ideas I can try to fix this because it's a rather irritating error.