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30 fps, vibrating cameras, ghosting and general "not smoothness" hell with radeon 5750

Question asked by srksi on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by srksi

Cant say exact moment when all this started, but I saw my problem when I wanted to play GTA 4.Playing was hell! A LOOT of ghosting, camera was disaster, full of micro vibrations, and felt like 30 fps or less regardless I get 60 + measuring with fraps. Later I concluded it is made in 30 fps, but regardless, subjective feeling is much worse than rest 30 fps games I played before, cant describe exactly, but its like you play 20 fps game on slow monitor. HELL! Then I started to notice imperfections in other games, micro vibrating camera is present everywhere, small dosages, but enough to make my eyes bleed, subjective filing is like I play 30-40fps games with vibrating camera even they have real measured 70-80 fps, and with LOT of ghosting, no tearing. Even my trusty TF2 witch worked perfectly  few weeks ago, acts like 40 fps game with, funny, light performance drop I notice a bit. Hell yea, even youtube videos and windows movement arent  smooth as they used to be! This isnt monitor problem or mouse, I  know to make difference, my monitor is CRT with a little higher phosphorous retention, but he is fully working and light image retention I have I used on it

Im on windows 7 64bit, with latest 15.7 driver for it I thing it were. I updated my drivers on latest when I wanted to play GTA, then I got those problems, did clean reinstall with latest drivers and all SAME! Before problem I was on some little older driver, cant say exactly witch, but I rolled back to more older versions and problem persisted!

Summary: micro vibrations, ghosting, not smooth camera witch acts as low fps in most games I tried so far, all make my head hurts, please HELP!

Could be last driver be problem? NO any tweaks all is factory settings, no OC no anything changed! HELP!