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DVI not working on RX480

Question asked by salhelder on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2017 by liakojohn


Graphic card: AMD RX480 (8GB)


Windows 7 64 bit

Monitor ASUS VG248QE connecting through dual link DVI

Motherboard: ASUS H170-PRO

CPU: Intel i5 6400

PSU is a 650 of a "local" brand

RAM: 16 GB


Here's the issue:

I got an ASUS RX480, one of those that has a DVI-D port, but it only displays during boot before windows loads the drivers. I've installed both the manufacturer provided drivers and the AMD latest drivers 16.11.2, having the same problem on both. I've tried switching the PCI-e slot, also didn't solve the problem.


Also before installing any official drivers it also displays using whatever the generic driver windows installs, but otherwise it just refuses to display anything through this port. I've already updated the BIOS.


HDMI works fine.