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    Video TDR failure - atikmpag.sys problem



      I've been fighting a "Video TDR failure atikmpag.sys" problem for about a week, without a solution.  I've had multiple BSOD crashes/restarts, plus many repeating black screens, followed by a series of strange pixelated screens of blue, red, green, etc, sometimes with an auto restart. HWiNFO64 shows temps are  OK at both idle and full bore use.

      I've done the following, with no fix yet: Updated to latest Windows 10; uninstalled old AMD driver in safe mode with UDD, then reinstalled supposedly stable 16.10.1 WHQL driver; complete virus scan and MalwareBytes scans; run sfc /scannow (no problems found) and DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth (no problems found); run chkdsk (no problems); made sure my MBO has latest BIOS. I'm running an i5 4690k (not overclocked), an xfx RX 480 8 GB with default settings, 500 Watt Corsair 80 Plus Bronze psu, and an ASROCK Z97 Anniversery MBO. What else can I do to fix this problem? Thanks.

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          I can see you have already done a lot of troubleshooting. I would try underclocking the Core and Memory by 300Mhz in Wattman to see if that reduces the crashing.

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              Thanks - I'll try undervolting and see if that does the trick.

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                I tried your underclocking suggestion (after initially mistaking "underclocking" for "undervolting") with some, but not complete success. Here are my results:

                Underclocked all frequencies by 300 MHz (except lowest state) - left memory unchanged 'cause I couldn't determine how to underclock it. Ran Firestrike basic and    Time Spy each three times without any problems. Just for my own curiosity I compared my underclocked average-of-three Firestrike results to my average-of-four Firestrike results with default Wattman settings, and the underclocked total score dropped 15%, graphics dropped 18%, physics down only 1% and combined score down 19%.

                I then underclocked the frequency by 200 MHz, and left memory at default. Absolutely no problems with three runs each  of basic Firestrike and Time Spy but again, scores were down from those of the default Wattman frequencies: total score down 12%, graphics down 14%, physics down 2%, and combination score down by 15%. While down from default Whattman scores, these were slightly better than the -300 MHz scores.

                So far, so good - your suggestion seemed to be working great. However, when I tried a second time to test the -200 MHz settings, my system crashed four times in a row and I had to restart in safe mode to get it running again. I changed the underclock to -250 MHz, with the same results. Also tried -300 MHz again and finally -100 MHz but all crashed repeatedly. I don't know what the difference was between the successful and unsuccessful underclocking episodes. Temperatures were OK in all tests  - HWiNFO64 showed CPU temps never exceeded 55 degrees and GPU temps remained at or below 70 degrees.

                So I temporarily gave up my experiments, and with tail between my legs, I uninstalled the

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                There is also another possible fix: Fix: Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Successfully Recovered – nvlddmkm nVidia atikmdag ATI  (Fix 3). In step 3  you need you need to change the directory to C:\AMD You need to copy the atikmdag.sy_ which is located in the folder of the latest driver.

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