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X370 Chipset specs!!?? No DMI 3 X4 or faster link = dead in the water!

Question asked by logic on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by logic

The Zen CPUs got me excited, but WHAT, for the love of God, are the Zen to X370 chipset bridge/bus specs!???
Rumour has it that there are 2 PCIe X16 lanes and 8+ PCIe 2 lanes? 
That being the case I assume the DMI bridge runs at PCIe 2 speed and is X4, if Zen uses DMI? 


If so you have just lost 50%+ of the overclocking/enthusiast/gaming community: 

The perceived speed of a computer is only as fast as the slowest component; the SSD or HDD.
The Samsung 960 Pro M2 NVME drive is capable of 3.6 GB/s, but an X4 DMI 2 bus can only handle 2GB/s, minus overhead..! 
All the PCIe 3 NVME drives do over 2GB/s..! 

Also many enthusiast use, or want to use PCIe 3 X8 RAID controllers = up to 7+GB/s as data/game drives.  Where the hell would one plug one of those in...!?



I do hope I'm wrong here and that there is some sort of DMI link between the CPU and Chipset, capable of handling M2 NVME drives and preferably 2 in RAID 0 = 7GB/s?
If not, mark my words; the 8 core Zen + X370 is going to be a flop in the high end workstation/enthusiast segment !?

AMD seems to be  'glossing over' this question. That makes me think the worst!?
Please tell me AMD hasn't been THAT short sighted....again and lost the race before its even started....again!??


I also heard/read that Asmedia is making the X370 and other chipsets?
They aren't known as being competitive with Intel when it comes to IO and RAID...?