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Fan Speed Issue with R9 290X

Question asked by mfdietz on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2016 by tag75

I installed this card about 11 months ago and it's worked fine until very recently.


While playing various games (xcom 2, heroes of the storm, fallout 4) the fans would very audibly speed up on occasion.   This seemed odd given it didn't really happen during the first 9 months or so the card was installed.


After cracking the case and observing the issue directly, I was shocked to discover the two fans DO NOT SPIN unless the GPU temperature climbs above 70C.   Once it reaches this threshold the fans will spin up to what I would guess is 100% and stay that way until the temperature drops back down.   It'll do this over and over while playing a given game.


I installed the latest drivers from AMD today, 07NOV16, but this had no effect.  I opened Radeon settings and went to global overdrive and was able to get both fans to come on if I set the speed to 85% or above.  If I drop it to 80% or below, the fans stop completely.


I've used caned air to try and blow dust out of the card but this had no effect.


Is this a problem with the card?  XFX is the manufacturer.



Michael F. Dietz