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Drivers Crashing

Question asked by toro87 on Nov 7, 2016
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Im the owner of an MSI GX60 laptop with AMD Radeon HD7970M graphic card.

Iv`e had alot of problems with my graphic drivers crashing lately and it`s starting to get on my nerves. I installed DDU to remove old drivers so i could re-install new ones. Iv`e used AMD`s auto detect driver program to find the one i should be running with. It`s Currently telling me to install AMD-Catalyst-15.7.1-Win10-64bit and i have several times, but that wont stop the driver from crashing. Iv`e installed the driver three times today and it just wont stick. I have tryed to install the latest crimson driver but i get an error message saying that i should stick with my current driver. Does anyone know how i can prevent my driver from keep on crashing ?