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    How to Know If a Computer Processor Is Dead??


      My pc does not start so I go to repair shop and they tell me that CPU is dead. I also give my cpu AMD FX6100 to many of person but they can't make work. So is there any solution to know and repair CPU.

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          What do you mean by pc does not start? dead ram, psu, motherboard, cpu, even an  USB port short-circuit can make that.


          You know if the cpu is dead by placing the cpu on a good working system or test bench, and see if it runs. But by daily usage you can have a hint, if you had system freeze , crahses, cpu high temp all of tht can be symptoms of cpu bad behaviour.


          There is no cpu repair. If they gave you na FX6100 and doesnt work, you first need to confirm if your motherboard is compatible withFX6100, and if it is maybe the cpu is ok, but other componente is dead.


          The best way to test it is trying each componente on other system. I would start with the easy parts like ram, cpu, and then take out everithing from the case and change psu, board, etc.

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