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    what has happened to raptr (gaming evolved)


      Like, the community there is dying and the rewards are diminishing, scrumping into only the R9 270 and a few character costumes, sure there is some people left in the community, but lots of people are just gone.

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          Raptr is a third party program which caused more headaches than it was worth, so AMD has removed it.

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              Ok, but I actually liked it as it did not give me any issues, so too bad they removed it, at least it is possible to buy a R9 270 using raptr coins ( although that is going to take an awfully long time and lots of gaming)

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                  You can still download and install Raptr AMD Gaming Evolved Client.

                  I have been using Raptr since it was launched.


                  Here is what I think about it.


                  (1). I think that Raptr Software gets a really bad name, but I feel that that is more due to the way the Reward Points System has been handled.

                  In addition, there seems to be a total lack of decent Tutorials available on Youtube or elsewhere on how you actually use the software.


                  (2). I think Raptr Gaming Optimizations are a really good feature.

                  You can run Raptr to set optimizer game settings for you. That is especially useful if you have low end or older cards.

                  I will give you one example.
                  I was trying to hit consistent 60FPS at 1080p in Tom Clancy "The Division".
                  There were / are lots of graphics settings, many variables to work on and look at.

                  If you are new a game, you just want it to work at ~ 60FPS with the best possible visual settings on your hardware.

                  Honestly, with one click of Raptr optimizer, Tom Clancy "The Division" for me and the settings were saved.

                  You do not need to keep the Raptr Application running to use the game optimizations in game.


                  (3). It is a nice front end to see free games that you might not normally be aware of. "Paladins" is one recent example.
                  You do not need to have a separate Raptr Game Library.

                  You can simply look to see if the game is available on Steam, install it in your Steam Library and then Raptr game detection picks it up.
                  You can then optimize your settings and run.


                  (4).  it is a really convenient front end to see news, videos, screenshots, community information specific to the games

                  you have installed, if you understand how to use the App.


                  (5). The people on the Raptr Community right now seem friendly. It is a nice place to hang out. The only time I see much anger is discussions of Rewards Points.


                  (6). Plays.TV just had an update. The new interface on Plays.TV looks much better. It is very easy to use.
                  I found Plays.TV to be usable for 1080p recording at 30FPS provided the CPU Utilization used by the game is not too high in the past

                  with i7-4770K and HD7970/R9280x setup. I had few problems if total CPU Utilization was ~ 60-70% for Game + Plays.TV.
                  I do not know yet how Plays.TV Compares to Crimson ReLive. Crimson Relive work great for me with WHQL 17.1.2  Driver,
                  recording some very high CPU Utilization games at 2K and 4K resolution with 2K and 4K resolution.


                  It seems Raptr might be on the way out perhaps.

                  I do think that now AMD Crimson Relive is out, Plays.TV future might be up in the air unless there is an integration between Plays.TV and ReLive is set up.


                  I would like to be able to record my games in the ReLive Engine and have an interface that allows me to launch Plays.TV interface and load my ReLive Generated Videos directly to Plays.TV / Youtube.

                  Similarly I would love to be able to run Raptr Optimization within the Crimson "Local Profiles" Settings.



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                      Here is a quick "Mock Up" of where I would like to see Raptr Optization integrated into Radeon Crimson Relive.
                      Adding the buttons to QT GUI is really easy and all you should then need to do is execute the Raptr Optimization with the execution level settings.
                      There is already even room in the GUI to fit the two Required Raptr Optimization Buttons. I added them in the Mock up in a slightly Different Color to the right of Frame Pacing Control.


                      The two additional Buttons are:

                      Button 1. Raptr Optimization On or Off.

                      Button 2. Selection Button for None, Performance Balanced, Quality. If you change the detting (Default None), you could have a "Optimize?" Yes or No Popup.
                      I didn't get that far in the above screenshot.



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                  One additional thing I find Handy about Raptr is the RHS Screen Dock. It can be seen in this image:

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                    Finally the new Plays.TV Interface.
                    It has a similar look and feel to the Radeon Crimson ReLive GUI already, so you should be able to match the "Look and Feel" by
                    reskinning the Colors and adjusting a few button sizes. Here is the Video Preferences menu, if you wanted or had to use Plays.TV for recording for whatever reason (Older GPU perhaps).

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                      Finally the new Plays.TV Front end. I used it before Relive came out. Cheap and cheerful way to record benchmarking results for games that don't load the CPU too much. I then moved on to using an Avermedia LGX Capture Card which has it's own issues. Now I have choice of ReLive. It looks like Relive is best versus effort needed but I would like to upload to Plays.TV.

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                        OK... Looks like I just wasted a bunch of time.
                        I just found this article.
                        AMD Drops Support for Gaming Evolved PC Performance App | Digital Trends

                        Oh well. Maybe AMD will still consider adding game optimization feature to the Game Profile Graphics Tab inside Crimson ReLive.

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                          Raptr recently released the following Press Release:


                          Posted on September 1, 2017    

                          Today we are announcing that we will be shutting down Raptr on September 30, 2017.  The world is different today than when we first launched Raptr.  Microsoft, Nvidia, and AMD all have their own game optimization tools now and they do a fine job.  So it’s time for us to get out of the way.

                          We are sad to say goodbye to Raptr. Many of you have invested a lot of time on Raptr so if you’d like to export your tracked gameplay data, follow the instructions below:

                          • Go to Raptr.com
                          • Sign in to your Raptr account
                          • Once you are signed in, click here to get your gameplay data.

                          If you have any other questions, please send us feedback.

                          We are proud of the service we built and the community who helped grow Raptr to be used by millions of gamers worldwide.  Thank you for your support for the past 10 years.

                          Dennis “Thresh” Fong
                          Co-founder and CEO


                          Press | Raptr