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    Windows 10 freezing upon restart caused by AMD graphics driver.


      I have tried and tried to fix this, and have even tried a completely fresh wipe and install of windows 10 64 bit home, and the only thing I installed at all wad the newest WHQL graphics driver and it does the same.


      When I go to shut down or restart the pc it will go to the blue screen with the spinning dots in a circle and the spinning will freeze and everything locks up and it will never move and had to be hard reset.


      The only way I can avoid this is to run version 16.7.2.

      16.7.3 works as well but sometimes gives me BSOD upon startup.

      I have tried every driver version since then and they all present the same issue. What has changed since then to cause this??


      My system specs are as follows:

      Win10 home 64bit

      I5 4690k

      16gb 1866mhz hyperx fury ram

      2 msi "gaming" 3gb R9 280x in crossfire

      MSI gaming 5 z97 motherboard