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    What is the reason(s) for your switch?


      Hello All,

      Other then the use of Dx12 I am just wondering what are the reasons people switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Has it improved the computing experience? Other then my first question has the choice to use Windows 10 been a good choice for peoples everyday computing? What has it actually brought to the table to make your computer usage, Better? It seems to me from what little I have read, that the benefits only seem to serve a small niche of user types in the computer world that have any real practical benefit(s).  Comments?


      Cheers, Ambrose


      P.S. I still have my scientific calculator from high school, so if it was good enough for my math classes then why would I get a new one now. Just a Thought.

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          Faster booting, better support for multicore CPUs (better thread scheduling), backwards compatibility improvements, new games and other software likely to be developed with 10 in mind rather than 7.


          In general though, aside from some behind the scenes things that make it just a tiny fraction faster than 7 and a few stability tweaks the overall everyday computing experience is pretty much the same as 7 (although it's a bit more like a faster, leaner 8.1) since pretty much the last big change in operating systems like windows was abandoning windows as a GUI for DOS as starting to use NTFS as a file system, which happened with windows XP (at least in the mainstream since win2k did it first but it wasn't popular and most people stuck with 98 or ME) and even that change was mostly behind the scenes as the overall GUI remained mostly the same.

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              Thank You kahless for you kind words. I am not at all surprised that this post never received a whole lot of replies. I guess it's old news, I never wanted a W10 flaming thread just some honest feedback.


              Thank you again, and if the Admin(s) would like to take this Post off the list I won't have any objections.


              Regards, Ambrose

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              I am so glad to find some a topic on Windows on AMD forum, because I am very intersted in Operating System alongside with processor. In my own opinion, Windows 10 is a good O/S from all the aspect of today's computing, for its stability, its user interface, its update methods, its localisation, and many more. There does really something Windows 10 possess to take place of Windows 7, especially for its metro and/or universal apps, which makes Windows 10, not only a desktop/laptop O/S (such as Windows 7), but also an O/S for all kinds of smart devices, such as tablets and x86/x86-64 based smart phones. For the localisation, Windows 10 also get a lot of enhancements, more languages are supported, especially for Canadian French and Mexico Spanish. British English was supported since Windows 8. For the matter of such things under Windows 7, you must stick to the US English and Europe French, when you are an English or French speakers. As to the Chinese people, they would find much more close expressions towards their everyday life. But Traditional Chinese Hong Kong has been replaced with Traditional Chinese Taiwan since RS1.


              Best Regards,

              Aaron Janagewen

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                This is very baised, but I hate Windows 10, the UI is boring and ugly, very unintuitive, its efficient, but lacks the sheer detail. I used it in mid 2015, and then it was buggy as hell explorer.exe would randomly crash, it does use less memory, but the performace is usually worse then in Windows XP/Vista/7/8, I didnt use it in a year, so I wouldnt know if they fixed it, im currently on Windows 7.