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RX480 black screen blinks/crashes in video

Question asked by eshreff on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by bluesman75

Hi everyone,


I am using a sapphire nitro rx480 4gb card with a samsung full hd tv. The setup is thru hdmi to hdmi. No overclock


So i have a blinking problem -not in game- during the videos in known players ( mpc, bsplayer, win10 films&vids) .


For example while watching a movie in bsplayer after some time my tv starts to blink. Later the blinks starts to come more often or the screen turns black and the sound continues etc. I've tried almost all decoders in bsplayer and the problem persists.


Alternatively in mpc it doesnt crash like bsplayer but i've seen blinks there too. If i start using madVR, it starts doing blinking more often.


As far as i read there is a problem with DXVA hardware acceleration, is there any fix for it? People has written about memory frequency drops but i am not sure about that. even with the hardware accel the memory stays at 300mhz.


Any ideas?


Warm regards