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    Some poor performance and stutters with Radeon R9 380X, 16.11.2 driver


      Hello AMD Community, i got some performance issues with R9 380X, in Fraps i see 80+ fps in every game, but its so uncomfortable, because stutters in every game which i playing, sometimes i see some stutters and lags when i watch some video


      OS: Win8.1 x64, but same situation with Win10 x64

      CPU: i5-4460

      GPU: Radeon R9 380X

      Motherboard: H81M-P33 MSI

      PSU: 600 watt

      HDD: Seagate 1TB

      Monitor: AOC i2267Fw 60hz

      RAM: Kingston HyperX DDR3 16GB

      Power Efficiency is off

      Got latest Intel Chipset

      Latest AMD Crimson driver 16.11.2



      How i can fix this?


      I hope you can help me with that

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          Hi sithzx,


          unfortunately I have the same problems, playing always SC2 and BF1, always fps drops, SC2 not playable.


          My PC:


          CPU: i7 3930K

          Mobo: Asus Sabertooth X79

          RAM: 32GB

          HDD: SSD

          PSU: 680 Watt

          Power Efficiency is off


          I tried with latest AMD Crimson driver (16.11.2) but also 16.10.0, now I installed the Catalyst drivers, same problems.

          I found a very usefull App: OCCT, I try to add the screenshots in my post.






          2017-01-04-19h52-CpuUsage-CPU Usage.png2017-01-04-19h52-FPS-FPS.png2017-01-04-19h52-Frequency-Bus.png


          2017-01-04-19h52-Frequency-GPU #0 Mem.png2017-01-04-19h52-Memory Usage-Memory Used.png


          I am very disappointed from AMD. This is my first AMD GPU, I had always nVidia, never had such problems :-(

          Hopefully there will be a fix soon!