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AMD A10-750k monitor  Radeon R7

Question asked by nnar on Nov 6, 2016


I would be very grateful if anyone could advise me how to resolve  a monitor recognition problem with my PC.

It seems to have started after Windows 10 upgrade from WIndows 7. Now my PC will not recognise my Samsung monitor (S27D590C) until I go through a series of idiotic manoevres- first connecting with VGA (blue cable). Sometimes having to connect and disconnect several times before the pc makes a change in noise(!) which seems to signal acceptance of the cable and then connecting other end of cable to monitor. Then connecting the HDMI cable to pc and monitor. Then removing VGA to finally getting HDMI servic ewith monitor! Sometimnes I have to power down and power up the PC several times before the conections will work.

Thank you in advanc efor any help.

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