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windows 10 not running display driver correctly

Question asked by kera on Nov 6, 2016
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Hello, everyone!!


I have a problem regarding amd display driver not working properly with windows 10.


My PC spec:


AMD FX 8370e oced to 4.7 GHz

Noctuda nh-d15 dual fan (cpu not going over 50C while gaiming)

ASRock 990FX Killer Fatality

16 GB of DDR3 1866 MHz Kingstone Fury Hyper X

MSI R9 390 Gaming 8G oced to 1100 MHz (temps not going more then 82 C while gaming, can go with 1150 but temps reach 90C)


Never had any issue with my PC until windows 10 got a major update. They changed visuals of windows 10 (can't remember the date when that major update was, I think around 2-3 months max).

After entering windows 10 when the update finished immediately my monitor started to flicker. After few restarts i managed to enter windows. Then there were 3 notifications saying that my display driver crashed. Then i used windows 10 normally and played games. Next day same thing. I thought that someone had reported the issue, so the microsoft will give a fix or amd with new display driver.

And it was, but the issue stayed. I removed msi afterburner and returned my graphic card to stock clock of 1040. Same issue. Then i put the bios to default stock clock for cpu, I. got same issue.


Last resort i downloaded and installed latest windows 10. Immediately after entering windows it started to flicker and after few restarts i entered windows 10. Same notification appeared about display driver not working properly. I downloaded newest display driver from amd at that time and after that i entered windows normally. But when i start using PC it just starts to operate slower and slower. Surfing the web is impossible, youtube videos start to hitch (sound works normal, but video hitches). I restarted again and it works fine.


Now always when i start up my PC that happens. It runs poor, like my CPU is trying hard, but its not, its like on 10% and like i don't have memory (2800/16000 MB), but i have. I think its my graphic card struggling to display things, like driver is not working properly, but there are no notifications from windows anymore. So when i restart, it works fine whole day long.


So everytime i startup my PC i have to do restart and then everything works fine. Its like windows 10 starts the display driver correctly 2nd time and any other time, except if the PC is turned off and switched on for the 1st time.


I think its that with the latest major update from windows, windows can't run the crimson properly. I have waited another month for updates to fix that, but problem is still here. So i decide to post here my problem.


I have latest windows 10 update and latest crimson 16.11.2

Writing from the same PC (after i had to restart it 1st XD).