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My suffering history with the HD8990

Question asked by welleerdball on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by amdmatt

Hallo Community,

at first: Sorry for my bad English.

I bought a few years ago a alienware-pc with a HD8990. A dualcore graca.

During the Catalyst-drivers this was a usefull card- sometimes a game din´t support dualcore but i find that not so bad.

But after the release from Crimson i have big Problems. And this problems are only made from AMD:


After the update to Crimson i wonder how loud my Pc works - the fanspeed was at max. I look and see that only the fanspeed from the graka works how much they can.

I install Aida64 extreme; now i wonder that Aida din´t show the second core from the the graka: No Tempreture, No Fanspeed, No Voltage- NOTHING.

In Games the first core works with 100 %, that is why the gpu-fan works like something and the second core do unused absolut nothing.


In Catalyst you have a point to choose the CrossFire Mode- this point is everytime visible and i could turn that on. Supposedly should crimson these functions also have. But at me the Crossfire-Mpde is Hidden. Only this stupid option i can turn on for Crossfire-Logo in Games. (show in notes)


I contact the support from amd and communicate a while with them. 3 different support-worker correspond with me. i think 2 didn´t know anythink about the own firmware.

Later in the mails i send also Screenshoots to clarify the problem.

At last the Support give up: He mean i should clean my drivers with amdcleanuputility and install the catalyst15.11.


I think "OK" bad service- but thats a way to use my hardware correct- more or less.


But the absolut highlight at last. The Catalyst driver works very good, (only Doom didn´t start with them- But ok- i play throuh.)

A few day later the Fan works again to much. I show and i have no gpu2 stats.

A second look and i see what happen. Nevertheless i din´t pick automatic updates for catalyst- cata stream the update in backround and i have Crimson again at my PC.

I could not believe it! After 3 cleanups and reinstalls for catalyst i found informations- that amd does not leave the user and unasked update their buggy software.


After all- i feel me ripped. Such a support for a product what was so expensive. What wants to tell me amd? "Oh sorry, you can´t use ur product no more correct, but we din´t fix that bug. Want you buy a newer one from us- maybe with more performance?"


- Now i´m ready to buy a new graca - but no more from AMD.