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Latest Drivers broke Vulkan API in Dota 2 (AMD Driver ver. 16.10.1 (Vulkan driver ver 1.3.0, Vulkan API ver 1.0.26)) - Gamma incredibly low/high??

Question asked by celebl on Nov 6, 2016

I'm using a HD 7970M and installing AMD driver ver 16.10.1 and any subsequent releases, playing Dota 2 using Vulkan API causes extreme levels of brightness in game.


I believe this is a Gamma issue, as forcing the gamma up? brings the brightness down, but this means when I exit Dota 2 I have to keep bringing my Gamma back down as it's incredibly dark.


Someone with the exact same issue as me has made a post about it on the Dota 2 Dev forums, it is as below:

So I have this issue ever since the AMD Driver update to version 16.10.1 ( Vulkan driver ver 1.3.0, Vulkan API ver 1.0.26) When I enable the Vulkan API via the launch properties the gamma rises, and I don't have any option to reduce it. The GPU is AMD Radeon R7 360M (with 2Gb of it's own DDR3 RAM). The weird part is that when the Vulkan API is disabled, the problem is gone. Here are some examples of the bug:


Important note: before this driver update, the game worked fine in Vulkan, no gamma issues or anything.

Note 2: the black boxes on the second one are just censorship for privacy reasons, they don't actually appear in-game

I can play Dota 2 using DirectX, but when I do i get a lot of flickering textures during game that make it impossible to play.