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Why is it necessary to stop Windows System Updates doing AMD driver updates?

Question asked by feline1 on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by feline1

I've read advice on this forum that we should hack our registries to stop Windows System Updates installing AMD drivers.


I find this rather odd. Is this official AMD advice, or just something forum members came up with themselves?


Microsoft wouldn't have the drivers in the first place unless AMD had provided them!  And all drivers distributed in this way by Windows Updates need to have WHQ certification ( Windows Hardware Certification - Windows Hardware Dev Center ) ... for AMD to get this certification is quite expensive and requires a lot of testing etc.


What is actually going wrong when Windows tries to update the drivers?  Is the graphics card or chip set somehow being misidentified? Again, I don't see why that would happen either - AMD cards should report a 'hardware ID' which allows the Windows Update service to identify them and select the correct driver (based on a list AMD themselves would have provided).

That should surely be the same list that the AMD Driver Autodetect utility on AMD's own website (AMD Driver Autodetect ) uses.

And surely the manual steps listed on the FAQs in this forum could all be performed by the Autodetect tool or Windows, if they are programmed correctly?


What's the actual problem here? Driver bugs? Hardware ID enumeration mismatches?